Art Fehr

Founder, Graduate Gemologist

Hello everyone,

My name is Arthur Fehr, but my family and clients call me Art. I am a graduate gemologist with 30 years of experience in the jewelry industry. I began my career at age 16 and worked my way to a degree from the GIA. The amount of knowledge and experience I have about the jewelry business is priceless. My goal is to help you find that special something for that special somebody. I specialize in loose diamonds, jewelry repair, and custom-made engagement rings. I am working by appointment only for now and would love to meet with you.

I am here and available to help in the quest for that perfect ring and/or Jewelry for that special moment. I am working by appointment only for now and would love to meet with you. I will educate you about all diamonds and gemstones and will always have high quality Jewelry at wholesale prices. Make an appointment today and come receive your very own “Artie” bracelet for free!

The Custom Making Process

A little about the custom-making process:

I will meet with you to discuss your dream ring and get a better idea of your tastes. Once we have a rendering of your ideal ring, we will create a wax molding. The molding takes a week to ten days and allows you to feel and visualize your ring. Once you are satisfied and approve the model, your ring will be ready in ten days to two weeks.

I do a wax mold of the ring you and I talk about together so you can see feel and touch the wax version before we make the ring. All at no cost. We sometimes will do a rendering first before the wax so you can visualize how beautiful your piece of jewelry will be. The wax takes a week to ten days typically. The rendering usually 3-4 days. After you proceed the ring I will have it made in the metal you choose usually taking ten days to two weeks. If ever a rush to be finished, I will always do my best for you. I typically will use better quality diamonds than most Jewelers. More flawless and whiter.